USA Today bestseller and Kindle All-Star Author, Elana Johnson writes adult contemporary beach romance. She is the author of over 100 books across two names, and there's nothing better than sun, sand, and swoon-worthy kisses!
Thomas Allan McCoy is the author of the Western Historical Fiction series The McCoy’s: Before the Feud.
Peter Darley (P.D. to his friends) is a British novelist, whose professional history is in showbusiness. His lifelong admiration of heroes, and love of roller-coaster-style thrills have been a huge influence on his writings.
A beach; a mystery; a bubbly drink: Ritu's favorite vacation day. She has spent years living in both Montreal and Vancouver--which inspired the settings of Book 1 and Book 2 of the Gray James Mystery Series respectively.
Kate Avery Ellison loves rainy days, masquerade balls, and stories with unexpected and shocking twists. She is the author of more than 30 books, including the bestselling Frost Chronicles, the source material for Frost by Delight Games.
F. E. Greene has been telling stories with words for more than twenty years. She is the author of multiple series including contemporary romance (Richer in Love), time-travel romance (Love Across Londons), and fantasy adventure (By Eyes Unseen).
Luke Chmilenko was born in the year 1987, in the city of Mississauga, Ontario spending the majority of his life within the city. He now lives in Burlington, Ontario with his wife and two cats. In his spare time he is an avid gamer, reader of books and of course, writer.
E.M. Jaye has a passion for storytelling and science. A former science teacher, E.M. has always enjoyed finding ways to explore the world around her and share her joy with the world. E.M.
Adair Hart has been dreaming about fictional worlds since he was a kid. He devoured anything related to fantasy and science fiction. He works in the information technology field and has his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in it.
Toni Anderson is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, RITA® finalist, science nerd, professional tourist, dog lover, gardener, mom. Originally from a small town in England, Toni studied Marine Biology at University of Liverpool (B.Sc.) and University of St.